Lympha Press, LymphaPOD® Bariatric Suit

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Bariatric patients with lymphedema have special needs. Morbidly obese patients find it difficult to manage bandaging, self massage and other treatment systems because of limited mobility and the large size of the affected limb. They may also have severe lymphedema on the upper thighs and torso, which cannot be treated with standard leg garments. LymphaPod® is a home care system designed for ease of use by large patients with limited mobility. It treats the entire lower body, including, legs, hips, and abdomen.


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Manufacturers Line: 12 Chamber System POD
Packaging: One per Box
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  • Features
  • Indications/Contraindications
  • Sizing Table
  • Lympha Press® calibrated gradient compression
  • Treats legs, abdomen, hips and genital areas
  • Fully adjustable pressure in 4 - 12 zones
  • Designed for large patients with limited mobility
  • One size fits most patients from 350 to 700 lbs.


    • Secondary lymphedema
    • Primary lymphedema
    • Venous insufficiency
    • Dysfunction of the muscle pump, wound healing, traumatic edema.


    • Patients with limited mobility may need the assistance of a caregiver.

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